Looking for a truck driving job?  Please contact us and we will get you an application.  We have company fleets that are looking for good drivers that have 2 years of experience.  Please call 219-863-1091 if you are interested!



Our specialists will provide assistance with the following types of paperwork:

  • Contracts with Brokers
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Rate Sheets
  • Invoicing (not collections)

Allowing you to stay behind the wheel while your next load gets set up. 



All of this including dispatching with no long-term obligation.


You give us your preferred types of loads and we find them for you. 

  • We source through multiple loadboards to get you the best paying load
  • We can train you how to interact with brokers to minimize headaches




All of this including paperwork with no long-term obligation.

Vehicle Compliance

We will complete the following to keep you in compliance:

  • USDOT Numbers
  • MCSA-1 New Entrant Filing
  • MCS-150 Bi-Annual Update
  • MCSA-5889 if needed
  • UCR - Filed Yearly
  • IFTA Reports - Filed Quarterly
  • HVUT Form 2290
  • KYU Reports Quarterly
  • Oregon Monthly Reports
  • New Mexico Quarterly Reports
  • New York Quarterly Reports

This service comes with a one (1) year committment.

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